Water Features

The cascading sound of a water feature is sometimes the most important element in your yard. Sometimes it is the focal point. Other times, it’s barely noticeable. The soothing sound makes an area into a cohesive and meditative sanctuary, even in the center of the city. Perfect for relaxation and something you could certainly have in your yard.

Each waterfall we create is a unique design with its own distinctive sound and character. We design to your specifications with choice of materials and methods of construction based on your style or matched to the site, landscape and architecture.

We use low-evaporation features as well as recycle the water for a lower carbon footprint with all our water features. We also create pondless water features as well as wet and dry stream beds to manage natural water run-off or other challenges with seasonal precipitation.

We can also suggest environmentally sustainable options or, of course, design and construct a brand new environment for you. Whether your project is large or small, formal or natural, you’ll love the change. Call today to discuss your ideas.