Outdoor Structures; Pergolas, Decks, Screens, Fences & Sheds

Outdoor structures like pergolas, decks, screens and fences increase the value, safety and integrity of your home.

These may be “small” projects compared to renovating or building your home, but they are no less important or less worthy of good design. Whether it is a shelter, fence, screen, deck or  shed, the difference between something that will work and something that adds value and makes everything else more beautiful is craftsmanship. We take pride in our craft from the details of the project to the gentle care we take with the surrounding landscape. All of our carpenters carefully construct around your established landscape. We work with hand tools to avoid soil compaction or any damage to your existing plantscape. And we have the expertise to not just build your deck, but to build one that meets building codes for an investment that remains beautiful and lasts.

Shelters: There are many ways to protect or hide less attractive aspects of your yard and create privacy. Shelters can be an option. We create interesting structures that work in your space and are customized to your needs and landscape. Our structures are built in harmony with nature to look as if they have been gently set down into the landscape. We build to your custom needs. Our shelters are strong, well-built and can add privacy and architectural interest to your landscape.

Fences: Can’t find the right fence at the home improvement store? Our custom fences are beautiful, completely private and will match or accent your home perfectly. Custom fencing can provide protection for animals on both sides, while providing you with peace and privacy.

Screens: A simple solution can be a screen. You don’t have to create an entire fence if there is only a small area that you don’t want to see. Screens can be taller than an average fence, so you may only want the extra privacy in a smaller area to protect your views. A screen can also serve as a trellis for climbing plants.

Decks: The extension of every Coloradoan’s living room and kitchen area! We enjoy beautiful sun-shiney days in the middle of winter and outdoor living all year round, so the deck is an important part of your floor plan. Sometimes small, but strategically placed, the deck can protect and keep the home cleaner, provide space for gatherings, or privacy—but is inevitably your favorite place.

Sheds: We’d like to call these Garden Oasis’s but it just wouldn’t Google well. Create storage, a workshop, a garden center or a hideaway. Have a place to put all those things you’d like to get out of your garage. It may not sound sexy, but you’ll love it!

Our creative solutions are not just functional, but aesthetically pleasing to the overall design. Construction quality, detailing and color of the structure makes all the difference in the overall appearance of your yard. All can be built from either wood or metal. We make sure your project stays optimum for years to come with good pre-planning, thoughtful architectural design, choosing quality materials, and building your project with care and attention to detail—all part of what we call craftsmanship.

Structural harmony in the environment is good stewardship of your land. Call us today to see how we can create interest and privacy for your living space.