Retaining Walls and Steps

Retaining walls and steps create the foundation for your yard. Everything else happens and is used—or not, based on this foundation. Whether it is the surface or the method of elevation management. The old concept in landscaping was control over nature, now we connect design and construction to work with nature.

New homes usually come with the standard square pad to step in and out of the house. The first thing you need to do to make your home comfortable and livable is to establish a plan for your yard and outside living areas. It creates a cleaner environment inside your home, more livable space outside, and a framework for your yard and garden plans. And when done correctly, it protects your home and creates a sustainable land use system.

A sustainable design looks at the larger picture of the surrounding landscape, potential threats or changes, and naturally occurring weather and water patterns. It helps prevent storm disasters by working with nature in creating methods for use and distribution of naturally occurring water. The design can be formal or natural.

Successful projects connect design and construction with sustainable principals. At Art of the Land we understand our clients varied interests and desire to be part of the solution. We work hand-in-hand with you in the design and construction process to create an environment and a future plan for your family that supports and enhances your “patch of earth” where your hardscape options are many.