Wheat Ridge Rural

Award of Excellence 2003 ALCC

This Wheat Ridge home is in a hilly well-established neighborhood with a backyard abruptly sloping down to a large pond. There were problems with runoff from adjacent properties and the street. A long flagstone retaining wall, filled in with 40 cubic yards of topsoil, undulates across the backyard, creating an extensive level area behind the house. Flagstone stairways in the wall provide access from the upper patios to the lower level. Winding paths of flagstone and crushed rock connect the diverse elements of this design. A new driveway of paver stones was integrated into the front yard along with a broadened entryway, curved stone planter box, and a low stone wall along the street. Trees and shrubs were blended with the existing mature plantings, while perennials and groundcovers replaced the front lawn to provide color and fragrance.