Genesee Golden

Award of Excellence Grand Award 2002 ALCC

“We hired Nancy because of her artistic background, as it was our desire for the finished product to be a work of art, as opposed to another rock arranging landscape project. The end result far exceeded our expectations.”
– Genesee Property Owner

“I can’t believe someone built this…it’s too natural.”
– Jeff Butler, rock climber/photographer

The client’s concern for water conservation on their Genesee mountainside property led to a design with flagstone terraces, walkways, stairs, and a dry waterscape integrated into the existing granite outcroppings. A dry waterscape depends upon artistic rockwork to convey the appearance of natural pools, streams and waterfalls. Water becomes an object of imagination rather than reality. Fire mitigation and deer resistant native plantings were also an important design requirement.

Forty tons of granite moss rock were added to form the dry waterscape that descends through the natural rock formations, appearing to having always been there. Heavy equipment could not be used because of the steepness of the site, so rock bars and strong backs moved the boulders into place. The boulders were skillfully arranged by size, texture and color, softened with native plantings, brightening the mountainside.