Arapahoe Acres Modern

Award of Excellence 2001 ALCC

Xeriscape Honor Roll, Denver Water Department 2001

“We were delighted with the design refinements that continued throughout construction and the role we played shaping the final landscape. It was a great experience for us.”
— Ken Fisher, Owner

The contemporary housing district of Arapahoe Acres is a 1950s development on the National register of Historic Places. Choice of materials and methods of construction were especially adapted to this site. To extend the outdoor living space, a cantilevered deck was built over an existing concrete patio. A granite water feature is combined with a flagstone patio bordered with drystack walls and stone seating. A second moss rock waterfall and pool accents the opposite corner of the yard. Each waterfall has its own distinctive sound. The existing fence was stained a muted gray green to recede into the landscape.