Nancy Eastman, Founder

Landscape-architect, Nancy-Eastman, Art of the Land

Nancy Eastman, Landscape Architect, founded Art of the Land, On the Prairie in 1998 after a long career in interior design. Her love of the natural world led to her integration of art, design, and craftsmanship in both indoor and outdoor environments. Nancy is an artisan both in design and fieldwork-creating an evolving natural beauty. Nancy has lectured and published on various design, art, and landscape topics. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University, she studied graduate-level art at the University of Iowa, and is a Colorado licensed Landscape Architect. Nancy is a founding member of the Front Range Sustainable Landscaping Coalition.

Nancy has won numerous landscape design and construction awards.


“Few individuals can claim anything close to the range of Nancy’s creative and artistic abilities in all media, including landscape design and the execution of her work.” ¬†

– Warren Kieding, Architect and Client