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Are we about to see “Ugly” produce at our grocery stores? Will it be 30% cheaper?

Mar 23rd, 2017

Orange beets at a farmers market

It may be coming. Over the last few months many articles have been written about it. It seems we are being made aware of the “problem of perfection” that our farmers and grocers suffer from. Whether you call them “imperfect”, “inglorious” or just plain “Ugly Foods”; they are just misshapen vegetables and bruised fruits. Farmers […]


Farming by Design…Right in Your Own Backyard!

Apr 30th, 2015

tomato,backyard garden, raised beds, Art of the Land, urban farming, urban agriculture

For those with active yards of their own (or, inactive yards for that matter), great pleasure and probable food cost savings are available right outside the window. Backyard farming has established its roots!


Chickens in the Landscape…Lay on the Design!

Apr 3rd, 2015

urban chickens backyard hay

So, you’ve hatched the idea of chickens in your backyard. Sounds simple enough. But, where do you start? Your landscape professional can assist with design and construction of the best environment for raising chickens in your own backyard. Multiple sources of information on Urban Chickens are available on line and in print.