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Jack and Greg’s House

Sep 7th, 2017

Movesian-Finlaw home

If you are driving past the Denver Botanic Gardens, you drive right by this lovely Georgian home and may not know that it isn’t part of the Botanic Gardens. Jack Finlaw and Greg Movesian hired Art of the Land for their first project. They asked us to prune branches before one of their gatherings. I met […]


A Sense of Place

Jun 14th, 2017

Colorado foothills at sunset

How does one “feel at home”? What is it that makes us feel like we belong here? I recently re-read a book called “Our Land, Ourselves”, and in it was a story of an immigrant who volunteers in a community garden to find her sense of self in her new world. And I realized this—connecting […]


Help with Compost Start-up

Jun 14th, 2017

Compost bin

I’d like to introduce my friend’s daughter, Liz Rutledge and her company Sustainable Three. Her concept is that if each of us can make just three changes we can make a positive difference on our environment—and she is here to help. Here is a blog from Liz and a link to her website: I don’t know about you, but I […]


Timely Annual Planting for Colorado

Apr 27th, 2017

Early blooming butter cups

If you are not from Colorado and don’t already know, May 15th or Mother’s Day (depending on whose mother you listen to) is the absolute day you must wait before planting annuals along the front range—or you may lose them to frost. But with 70º February temperatures bringing perennials from their slumber, it’s hard to wait to plant. And […]


Are we about to see “Ugly” produce at our grocery stores? Will it be 30% cheaper?

Mar 23rd, 2017

Orange beets at a farmers market

It may be coming. Over the last few months many articles have been written about it. It seems we are being made aware of the “problem of perfection” that our farmers and grocers suffer from. Whether you call them “imperfect”, “inglorious” or just plain “Ugly Foods”; they are just misshapen vegetables and bruised fruits. Farmers […]


Time for the Backyard Bird Count

Feb 16th, 2017

Wading birds photographed at the Virginia National Wildlife Refuge. Image Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Just when I’m ready to really embrace my winter hibernation, the sun comes out, the birds start chirping and I discover that the ground is ready to be worked. So once again, it must be time to re-embrace our desire to be physical and make great plans for our out-of-doors domain. The 2017 Great Backyard Bird […]


Don’t Cut Those Ornamental Grasses Too Soon

Oct 27th, 2016

Ornamental grasses with snow covered seeds

Our urban landscapes have become so diverse and interesting. I love how people have embraced ornamental grasses, and it’s no wonder why. They are low maintenance, have low water needs, are easy to grow and you can create magical landscapes with them. And while they are bright and green in the spring and summer, they […]


Innovation Protects Birds

Jun 21st, 2016

Photo of a green-tailed Towhee

I’m forwarding a letter sent to Dwell magazine from my friend, Lucinda. This is marvelous and as she says for anyone who “cares about sustainability on all levels.”   Dear Amanda, As a lifelong birdwatcher with a forty year career in the building and design trade, I enthusiastically read Dwell each month. I love so many of […]


Is Focus on Esthetics Destroying Local Biodiversity?

Jun 7th, 2016


In reading a recent issue of Colorado Gardener, I was directed to Doug Tallamy’s Plant Natives 2015 presentation on YouTube, and I agree with Jane Shellenberger, of Gardener Editor, it is stunning. The question Jane was addressing is pressing on our minds, too; How do we work with nature, instead of against her? What does […]


Living on the (H)edge

May 5th, 2016

The hedgerow, a thorny species was one of many planted in lieu of fences.

By: David Coulter Just after four o’clock on the fourth of July, mid-afternoon, a time of day along Mundhank Road when my roadside birds were generally pretty quiet. The cars that normally zoomed by were absent, and other than the pops of distant firecrackers, the bird monitoring along these old hedgerows was a tranquil pursuit. Counting […]


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