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Innovation Protects Birds

Photo of a green-tailed TowheeI’m forwarding a letter sent to Dwell magazine from my friend, Lucinda. This is marvelous and as she says for anyone who “cares about sustainability on all levels.”


Dear Amanda,

As a lifelong birdwatcher with a forty year career in the building and design trade, I enthusiastically read Dwell each month. I love so many of the architectural solutions and products expressed through your great articles. Perhaps, I have missed any mention in previous Dwell articles of huge open pieces of glass that are deadly for birds. Up to a billion birds die each year from “human structures”, mostly glass. Birds migrate at night in huge flocks over and through metro areas but any home that offers great views also invites disasters for birds, especially on cloudy days. Many larger cities, NYC, Toronto, mobilize groups of caring folks who venture out a dawn to collect thousands of birds from sidewalks. Many can be revived as they have a remarkable capacity to recover. Without broken necks or wings they need a quiet dark place to rest and often can be set free. The link is for a glass product that has been developed to help birds avoid an untimely collision. Please consider including such information in your publication for the readership that cares about sustainability on all levels.



Lucinda Carr


PS: The photo is of a green tailed towhee that I rescued today. He got his wits together and flew off…..



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