Artist’s Statement

Artist Statement by Nancy EastmanColorado is an intimate story of the mountains and plains. As a second-generation native I have witnessed Colorado’s loss of land to the evolving suburban landscape, resulting in changes to agricultural, ranching and rural identities, with further loss of cultural and traditional knowledge. I create two and three-dimensional works from observations and memory of the landscape. I integrate metal, wood, handmade paper, prints and photos to create visual, site-specific art. I want to involve the viewer in the aesthetics of our common heritage to create a link between them and the rural agricultural history of the land.

“Nancy has a fantastic eye for design and she applies that in creating wonderful landscape solutions for her clients.  She and her team have a passion for sustainable urban landscape environments.  In addition to that, she has combined her design skills with her notable background in art to create works of environmental art.” — Diane Huntress

Nancy speaks about her art and process here.